Lasting power and performance are here.

Premium Dieselex-4 with ProFlow now contains a unique and powerful combination of fuel detergents that tear carbon deposits off engines while preventing new carbon deposits from attaching. Premium Dieselex-4 with ProFlow helps legacy diesel engines keep running like new and new diesel engines maintain peak performance.

No other fuel brings more to the road.

A clean diesel engine reduces fuel consumption, increases power and extends the life of hardworking engines. When compared with other premium diesel fuels, our new formula was 40% more effective at cleaning up sodium deposits and 2.5 times more effective at cleaning up all types of injector deposits.

Minimize downtime, maximize performance.

Premium Dieselex-4 with ProFlow is the first choice of those who hate downtime and demand performance. The new formulation contains stronger detergents, which reduce engine maintenance costs and minimize downtime. Premium Dieselex-4 with ProFlow keeps engines running at peak performance to keep hardworking vehicles reliable.

Run cleaner, stronger and longer, no matter how dirty the job.

Premium Dieselex-4 with ProFlow burns cleaner and more efficiently, leading to less soot production, less diesel particulate filter loading and greater fuel efficiency than CountryMark’s previous formulation. Fewer deposits on the injector allows for a more complete combustion of the fuel, reducing fuel consumption, decreasing soot production and minimizing the loading on the diesel particulate filter.



Premium Dieselex-4 with ProFlow eliminates conventional nozzle deposits and internal diesel injector deposits as well as prevents new deposits from forming in legacy and new diesel engines.



Lab and field tests have proven Premium Dieselex-4 with ProFlow provides the optimum lubricity needed to maximize diesel engine performance while minimizing engine friction.



Premium Dieselex-4 with ProFlow is guaranteed to provide the highest motor cetane numbers found in any diesel fuel in the Midwest.



Premium Dieselex-4 with ProFlow contains a superior stability package the reduces the fuel deterioration process, which results in guaranteed fuel performance and longer fuel life.

Powerful diesel that cleans.
Premium Dieselex-4 with ProFlow is more than 40% more effective in sodium deposit clean-up compared with other premium diesel fuels.

Prevent costly engine breakdowns.
The powerful detergents in this new formulation are 2.5x more effective at cleaning up injector deposits compared with other diesel fuels.

Do more with less fuel
The new formulation reduces cylinder exhaust deviations by more than 27%, which improves fuel efficiency by reducing soot production and diesel particulate filter loading.

Use biodiesel blends with confidence.
Premium Dieselex-4 with ProFlow improves the stability of biodiesel blends by 30-50% as compared to non-additive fuels. The new formulation allows biodiesel blended fuels to operate more similarly to petroleum diesel.

Get the fuel that works as hard as you do.

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